Driven since the beginning by core humanist values and a desire to act responsibly in favour of the environment, the Rose Group has always remained true to its principles by encouraging the concept of excellence.


The Rose Group sees its people as central to its business, a real driver of its success. To protect it against the risks it faces every day, we are committed to risk prevention and have signed a safety charter jointly led by the OPPBTP (Professional Body for Prevention in Construction and Public Works). The recent recruitment of our Quality, Health & Safety and Environment (QHSE) Manager demonstrates how vital these concepts are for us.

“In placing management of health, safety and the environment at the heart of our objectives, our company relies on the motivation and effectiveness of its employees, which contributes significantly to the prosperity of our company,” explains Caroline Barbet, QHSE Manager.

The environment

We work with a noble, renewable and recyclable material that retains its CO2 when it is cut down. All of the properties inherent in wood are therefore in line with our environmental policy.

As a result of this desire to protect the environment, our woods have PEFC and FSC certification, are LCB and A+ labelled, and they comply with the toy safety standard (painted panels).

The Group also does its bit for sustainable development by incorporating environmental concerns into its activities, reusing the drying heat produced by its finishing line or by using water-based paints free from solvents and VOCs. It also adopts eco-behaviour through selective sorting of waste, recycling of office materials and recovery of wood waste.

Continuing with this Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach, all of our production is done within 20 km. Our wood arrives by ship from Finland or the Port of Le Légué (Saint Brieuc). This proximity to the port and the shipping method also help us to reduce carbon emissions to a minimum.


Through its Qualibat certification, the Group asserts its performance and competitiveness, as well as its skills. Indeed, based on the requirements of standard ISO 9001, this certification reassures customers that work will be done in accordance with best industry practice and that the risk of defects is minimal. The warranty on our products ranges from 5 years for saturators to 10 years for treatments and paint. Subject to the CE marking obligation, our products comply with community requirements under European legislation and are also CTB B+ certified by the FCBA institute, which vouches for the performance of the treated timber for a given usage and life span.