Expertise, cutting-edge, high-quality tools, and a close relationship with its 2,500 customers (active accounts), the family-run Rose Group has successfully grown and diversified and is now a leading player in the timber industry. Behind its success are its three core values, the pillars on which the Group has been built for more than 60 years.


What do we want? To offer our customers the best possible products and meet their expectations. We therefore pay special attention to the selection of timber, mainly Northern softwood, which provides a high-quality, eco-designed material, originating from Scandinavia, Canada, Russia and France.

Because quality is our top priority, we have chosen to invest in cutting-edge tools, such as our new finishing lines and new sanders, which ensure that the quality of our products is maintained.

Driven by a real desire to conquer, engage and succeed, we perform quality control at every stage, from purchasing of the raw material right through to delivery to the customer. Knowing that we have done our job well allows us to offer high-quality, distinctive products.


Committed to an ongoing policy of innovation, our aim is to constantly look to the future to anticipate and plan the products of tomorrow.

This dynamic is driven by the Group’s people and by an ongoing desire to improve our technical skills. The patents we file guarantee reflection, help us to stand out from the competition and validate our performance.

Indeed, from the outset, the Rose Group has been the source of many innovations, especially through its design office and its research and development department, which have designed and developed new products such as Diful’R©, the Flud’R System©, Regul’R©, VARIO© and RESISTaufeu©.

With the Rose Group, the possibilities are endless. It offers solutions that meet customer requirements, serve the industry and satisfy market demands. Now that’s “Useful Innovation”!

Customer satisfaction

Satisfaction is our number one priority.

We believe that a happy customer is a customer with whom we can enjoy a lasting relationship. This is why we have established a solid, useful and valuable customer service that helps to build the trust that is essential to a mutually beneficial interaction, a healthy relationship based on open, serious and professional exchange.

The Rose Group believes in keeping its ear close to the ground and responding to the market, the territory and the customer. This flexibility and a high skill level ensure satisfaction and recognition.