The ROSE Group enjoys expertise that has been passed down from generation to generation.
The love of a job done well and mastery of wood have now been proven for over 60 years.

With more than 240 employees, continuous investment in cutting-edge tools and an effective market in more than 25 countries worldwide, the company needs expertise in timber construction and technical know-how to ensure the Group’s three watchwords: QUALITY – INNOVATION – CUSTOMER SATISFACTION

Effective mastery

In order to control the quality of its products and the resulting constructions, the ROSE Group keeps all of the skills within the company. All of the key skills can be found in the Group’s workforce.

Business line directors

You can only speak authoritatively about something you know a lot about.
To be more effective and responsive, and in tune with the market, all of the directors have a background in the ROSE Group’s specific area of expertise.


A Research and Development department considers, designs and invents the products of tomorrow in response to the specific or more general needs of customers.

Innovation is a key concept for the ROSE Group.

Design Office

The ROSE Group has an on-site design office. Its ten or so employees design buildings and implement the solutions specific to each customer.

Manufacturing and Assembly

With its five production units in France and its factory in Estonia, covering specific tasks such as
planing, treatment, finishing, assembly, etc.
The ROSE Group uses all of its assets to manufacture high-quality products.


ROSE Charpente has a fleet of trucks with long-reach booms.
These vehicles are driven by the Group’s own drivers throughout France.


In order to benefit from immaculate quality, the ROSE Group has several installation teams for ROSE Charpente.
These teams erect farm buildings throughout France.