A French manufacturer, specialising in timber products for housing and outdoor and indoor spaces for over 20 years.

A subsidiary of the ROSE Group, PROTAC was created in 1995 as a result of an ongoing desire to control the quality of the timber used by the Group. This timber comes from PEFC or FSC certified, sustainably managed forests. The timber is mostly softwood, imported depending on the required species and quality. PROTAC timber mainly comes from operations located above the 57th parallel. It is slow growing timber of the highest quality on the market, known as Northern Timber. The quality of the timber at Protac is not only a result of its origins but also of the monitoring of its moisture content (maximum percentage not to be exceeded) and its drying quality (sheltered) before machining, treatment and application of a finish (paint or saturator).

Machining line


planing lines



autoclave tunnels

Finishing line


finishing lines



dedicated logistics platform

Company figures

Turnover :
53,7 M d’€

Workforce :
84 personnes

Volume machined : 108 000 m³

surface area :
81 400 m²

surface area :
42 000 m²

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