Historic logotype

New logotype

The logo of a company or a brand is its signature, its graphic identity. This logo is not only the bearer of our name, but also of our image. It conveys the values ​​that we carry with codes evoking our history, our profession, our knowledge, our DNA.

Today, we want to develop our logo while keeping the basis of the one that has supported us since the creation of the Group with a modern vision of the frame and our raw material: wood. This new signature was worked on by our teams with the objective of giving a common identity to our subsidiaries. It will be available on Rose Charpente and Rose Industries (Protac / Protexel), our Estonian subsidiary Puidukoda having already refreshed its logo in this same spirit. In addition, this new logo reflects the founding pillars of the Group: Quality, Innovation and Service.

Innovation, evolution and listening are our challenges today for the future.