• 40 mm insulated swing door
  • 2 lacquered aluminium faces
  • Aluminium square with seal
  • Stainless steel hinge
  • External handle
  • Push right or push left

Products advantages

  • Single door and double door
  • Push right or push left
  • 40 mm insulated swing door
  • Non-standard option
  • Suitable materials Aluminium, Steel, Stainless Steel
  • Various options: Transom, Opening, Air inlet

Non-standard width OR height/width AND height
Fixed transom for single door – Maximum height: 25 cm
Fixed transom for double door – Maximum height: 25 cm
Opening – Diameter: 45 cm
Galvanised steel air inlet with adjustable flap – Dimensions: 80×60 cm
Cylinder for external lock
Other colour: RAL – 2 STEEL faces

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