The French standard in pig farm buildings, specialising in frames and roofs, a pioneer of innovation and manufacturer of specific products since 1949.

A subsidiary of the ROSE Group, ROSE Charpente represents the ROSE Group’s core business and its historical origins. With over 60 years of recognised and proven expertise, ROSE Charpente is now the number one French manufacturer of buildings for pig farms, with an average of 800 m² constructed each day, or more than 200,000 m² each year. ROSE Charpente has completed more than 3,500,000 m² of constructions to date.

ROSE Charpente offers a bespoke construction solution, for new builds and refurbishments, suited to the needs of farmers. This solution mainly stands out for its frame design, manufacturing and installation, the insulation, the roof, and the ventilation/aeration. And for specific products supplied with or without installation.
After a meeting with the farmer and one of our sales engineers, the operator’s need is defined and focuses on one of the three construction bases offered, thus meeting the multi-factor requirements of construction.

3 construction bases

System 1: Diful’R on its own / frame / insulation / roof / ventilation
System 2: Diful’R + Regul’R / frame / insulation / roof / ventilation
System 3: Flud’R system / frame / insulation / roof / ventilation


The in-house design office takes care of the file and sends the plans to the workshops in order to begin manufacture of the trusses and related products.

Over 30 years ago, ROSE Charpente was the first to use truss type frames in farming. Simpler, more solid, quicker and better adapted, it satisfies all of the profession’s criteria. Treated (two options available) and assembled using stainless steel connectors, ROSE Charpente has two wide-range assembly presses.


The inventor of the DIFUL’R, a patented diffuser ceiling commonly used in the profession’s buildings, ROSE Charpente continues to innovate by developing useful products that meet the specific needs of farmers.

The company was recently awarded a 3-star Innov’SPACE for the FLUD’R System, its variable, standalone 360° air inlet module.